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For children with bone and joint disorders, the right care at the right time is crucial.

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Why we need your help

We help the busiest children’s orthopaedic clinic in London. Every year, 15,000 babies, children and teenagers with debilitating bone and joint disorders – from broken bones to club foot – rely on the care provided by the hospitals we support.

Who you’ll be helping

100% of your donation will go directly to innovative equipment and care for children with:

  • disabilities caused by bone and joint conditions
  • genetic conditions such as hip dysplasia
  • serious injuries from a road accident or a fall

Can you help fix bones and transform lives?

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Changing lives together: Meet Luke

Luke’s seven and wants to be a Paralympic footballer when he’s older. Born with a condition that causes limbs and bones to twist, Luke has met the orthopaedic team hundreds of times and needed eight different lots of surgery.

It’s amazing to see him develop, and the support you give to our orthopaedic team makes a big difference. Keep your eyes peeled for a future sports star!

Luke's mum: “Without the right surgery, Luke wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone play football. I’m so thankful to the hospital team for the care he’s had.”

100% of every gift supports children like Luke:

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A young patient at The Royal London orthopaedic clinic

Your support is making the difference, every day

With your support we can provide items like:


  • A quick and quiet way to remove casts

A new “silent saw” removes children’s casts without the scary noise. Hear the difference the new saw makes.

  • Improving accuracy of scans

Sonoguide: A special “crib” to hold babies when they need their hips scanned.

  • New toys for the waiting rooms

Making the wait more fun, and providing a distraction for both children and their parents.


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What we do

We support patients in the hospitals of Barts Health NHS Trust, funding research, equipment and community projects.

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