Bank of Montreal

A key Barts Charity partner funding equipment and facilities for play and education to give our youngest patients the best possible hospital experience.

What this partnership means for the patients we support

Employees at The Bank of Montreal have been supporting our children’s hospital since 2013.

They’ve helped to transform the hospital experience for our youngest patients – some of whom have spent their whole lives in hospital.

Their funding is giving the children more opportunities for play and learning, and creating a friendlier and more calming environment.

How the Bank of Montreal is changing lives

Employees have raised nearly £100k towards care of the patients we support. This has funded:

  • Equipment such as sensory aids for play and education
  • Unique artwork for the walls of children’s wards, where seriously ill patients spend long periods of time
  • Presents to children in hospital over the Christmas period
  • Improvement of play facilities in London’s busiest A&E department, which sees 35,000 injured children a year
BOM emplyee painting a cloud

How we thank our partners

We make sure 100% of partner funding goes straight into healthcare initiatives. As well as the engagement opportunities we offer all our partners, we are partnering with the Bank of Montreal in these specially tailored ways:

  • Offering tours of The Royal London Children’s Hospital, meeting the clinicians and visiting patients
  • Giving employees opportunities to attend painting sessions with patients and artists at the hospital
  • Organising presentations at Bank of Montreal’s offices


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