Hepatitis B virus in young people

Research is shedding new light on how hepatitis B virus (HBV) affects young people, and is aiming to reduce deaths caused by liver disease.

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Funding research into the early treatment of hepatitis B, in order to prevent it developing into life-threatening diseases.

The difference we’re making

  • Funding research that’s analysing – for the first time – how immune systems of young people respond to HBV
  • Promoting the treatment of HBV for more patients in our community
  • Improving HBV services so hospital clinics can focus on patients who need more intensive treatment or who have complications
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What the researchers are saying

“East London is among the highest prevalence areas for chronic hepatitis B in the UK. We’re providing a comprehensive immunological analysis of the disease in young people – something that’s never been done before. This will provide a better definition of the disease and identify those where early treatment is indicated and avoid progression to more advanced liver disease or the development of cirrhosis.” 

– Dr Patrick Kennedy, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Immunobiology, Blizard Institute

A nurse with a young patient

Funding extraordinary heathcare

Our research has challenged the established opinion that normal immune responses are not effective against HBV.

We now know that the immune systems of young people are more active against HBV than previously thought.

Through this, we can prevent more advanced liver disease, knowing that stronger anti-viral treatments are more efficient in young patients.

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