Artwork for children's wards and areas

Award-winning artwork on children’s wards and outpatient areas is providing welcoming environments.

We’re dedicated to

Helping children feel more relaxed when visiting the hospitals we support for treatment.

The difference we’re making

  • Creating vibrancy on children’s wards and outpatient areas, with the help of designers including Chris Haughton
  • Improving patient experience with an uplifting hospital environment
  • Supporting the work of hospital staff, who also benefit from children’s distraction through artwork
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What the hospital staff are saying

“These fun designs are an important part of our commitment to easing children’s fears of being in a seemingly strange and scary building, to instead create a warm and comfortable place of healing.”

– Sally Shearer, former Director of Nursing and Governance for Children at Barts Health NHS Trust

The kaleidoscopic artwork at the paediatric imaging dept. at The Royal London

Giving 100%

The image here features a kaleidoscopic design on the walls of the paediatric imaging department at The Royal London.

Transformation of the children’s wards and outpatients areas was made possible with the help of your donations, including support from the Bank of Montreal.

A range of award-winning artists and designers created the imaginative artwork, which also extended to furniture and privacy curtains.

100% of your gift goes to extraordinary projects like this.

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