Artwork in the hospitals

Award-winning artwork on the wards is providing welcoming environments that are both beautiful and practical.

We’re dedicated to

Giving patients a pleasant and relaxing environment when they visit the hospitals we support.

The difference we’re making

  • Improving patient experience with bright hospital environments
  • Helping patients to navigate the corridors and find their room with dementia-friendly wall art, like that at the Older People's wards at Newham 
  • Comforting children who may feel intimidated by equipment and procedures with bright murals such as those at The Royal London's Imaging department 
  • Making waiting areas more welcoming and comfortable for patients and their families, like the one at the Adult Critical Care Unit at The Royal London 
  • Supporting the work of hospital staff, who also benefit from uplifting artwork 
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What the hospital staff are saying

“We’re very pleased – as are children and their parents, judging by their comments such as ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’. 

"The large dinosaur is a big hit and can be used to engage the children in conversation, which is critical in the face of our high-tech – and somewhat frightening – equipment.”

- Martin Shute, Lead Paediatric Radiographer at Barts Health NHS Trust

New dementia-friendly artwork for Thistle Ward at Newham Hospital

Funding extraordinary healthcare

There’s growing evidence that the use of art in hospitals reduces stress and depression, increases staff morale and even reduces the length of stay. 

For Paediatrics in particular, art is proven to help by distracting or positively engaging children receiving what can be scary or painful treatments.

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