Healthcare Delivery Improvement Grant

Grant details

Purpose: To support ideas and improvements focused on delivering even better healthcare at Barts Health hospitals. Ideas should be aligned with hospital strategies and long-term plans and aim to deliver an enduring change.
Level of funding: From £5,000 up to £50,000
Duration of funding: Up to 12 months

What we are looking for

This funding is aimed at Barts Health NHS Trust staff who need funding to deliver a new idea or initiative that will lead to positive change for their patients or staff. Simply tell us how your idea or initiative will make a difference to a hospital service, department or patient group and how it aligns with the hospital’s future plans.

In addition, we would like you to demonstrate how the idea could lead to an enduring change and be supported in the longer term, and see a plan for how you will promote outcomes and achievements (both locally and in the wider healthcare sector, if appropriate). You should contact your hospital executive board to discuss support of your idea or initiative.

In assessing applications we'll look at:

  • The feasibility of the proposed work in relation to the challenge and context
  • The potential impact, benefits and any longer-term support necessary
  • Plans for dissemination of the work supported and its anticipated outcomes
  • The level of stakeholder engagement and support from your Hospital Executive Board

Who can apply

You must hold a post at a Barts Health NHS Trust hospital for the duration of the grant.

Co-applicants and collaborators - the lead applicant must hold a post at a Barts Health NHS Trust hospital. Co-applicants and collaborators may be external to Barts Health NHS Trust and Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. However, in these situations, a strong case must be made for why the expertise required cannot be provided from Barts Health NHS Trust or Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

In addition to the main applicant, an application can include a maximum of 3 co-applicants. We do not have an upper limit on either internal or external collaborators.

What we offer

Please see the Barts Charity grants cost policy for what types of cost can be requested.

How to apply

Complete an Expression of Interest form and email to the Barts Charity Grants Team to see if the proposal fits the remit of the scheme.  If it fits, you will be invited to submit a full application via our online application form, along with the relevant endorsement documents. You should ensure the application is fully costed and agreed by the Barts Health NHS Trust Finance Office and has the necessary sign-off with the full cost considered.

We recommend you discuss your application with your Head of Department, Clinical Board, Hospital Board or Senior Leadership, as appropriate, before applying.

Funding decision and review

To support a swift decision, applications are accepted all year round and there is no formal application deadline. Funding decisions are taken by the Charity and applications are not typically externally peer-reviewed.  After Charity approval we will seek Hospital Board approval and prioritisation if funding outstrips request. Wherever possible, we will fund these applications from Special Purpose Funds that have been donated with a specific remit in mind.

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