Applying for payment from a Special Purpose Fund

We hold several Special Purpose Funds (SPF) which could help you to buy items or fund projects that make a real difference to patients.

Spending from £20 to £5,000

Please make sure you read our Funding Guidelines: Requests under £5,000 as these contain important information

1. Get authorisation 

Before you make a purchase, you’ll need to get authorisation from a fundholder.  If you make the purchase without getting fundholder approval beforehand, we may not be able to reimburse you/pay the invoice. 

2. Make the payment

Either use your personal bank account or ask the supplier to address the invoice to the relevant department but add c/o Barts Charity.

3. Use the Online Claims form

Fill in our Online Claims form and upload your receipt or invoice.

The claim will be sent to the fundholder for formal authorisation and once approved, you’ll be reimbursed directly into your bank account, or payment will be made to the supplier.

How reimbursement works

We have two payment dates every month (apart from December when there is only one). A BACS payment will appear in your account on the date given. As we need to release BACS payments three working days prior to the payment date, it’s important that payment requests are submitted by the deadline. Please note we may need to change these dates if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Spending over £5,000

Please go to our Healthcare Delivery Improvement Grant page.


We're happy to help with your queries, please get in touch.

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