Large project grants

Our large project grants are between £50,000 - £500,000.

Applicants interested in applying for a large project grant must contact the Grants team and submit a brief Expression of Interest form to help us consider if the idea is one which the Charity might potentially fund.

This initial contact should take place at least 6 weeks before the relevant submission deadline (outlined below). Applicants invited to complete a preliminary application will receive a link to our online application form, along with the endorsements document in advance of the relevant deadline.

All applications need to be costed by the JRMO who can be contacted as follows:

Full applications are peer reviewed externally.

Please get in touch to discuss ideas with our Grants Advisers.

Key dates for our Large Project Grants scheme 

Latest for receipt of Expression of Interest

Preliminary Application deadline

Full application Deadline

Committee Meeting


25 Feb 2019

8 April 2019 

 22 July 2019  

 Autumn 2019  

19 July 2019  

30 August 2019 

25 Nov 2019

Spring 2020

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within two weeks after the Committee meeting.

See what large project grants can fund