Small project grants

Small project grants are for initiatives that would not otherwise be funded by the NHS and which fall into one of the following categories:

  • research
  • enhancement in service delivery
  • promotion of patient or community engagement
  • innovative training and development
How to apply

Applicants interested in small project grant must contact the Grants Team and submit a brief Expression of Interest to help us consider if the proposal is something which the Charity will potentially fund. At this stage no full costing will be needed.

Please note that research funded by this scheme is usually for projects which will generate preliminary data which can then be used to support a larger application to a major funding body. 

If we invite you to complete an application you will receive a link to our online application form, along with the relevant endorsement documents.

At this stage, your projects should be fully costed by the appropriate function as follows:

  • (BH applicants only) Enhancement in service delivery/community engagement projects  - Barts Health staff should contact their finance manager.  Please note that all applications for single items of equipment over £5,000 must be endorsed by the Barts Health NHS Trust Capital Finance Team. 

Our Grants Advisers are on hand to give you guidance on your application. Got an idea for a project? Contact us today.

See what small project grants can achieve