Small project grants

If you are an employee of Barts Health NHS Trust, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry at QMUL or the School of Health Sciences at City University, you can apply for a small project grant of up to £50,000.

Small project grants are for initiatives (including research) that would not otherwise be funded by the NHS. We use them to fund projects that:

  • Will provide a better service for patients
  • Can help you do your job more effectively
  • Are new initiatives and not top-ups for existing projects

The first step is to contact us with a short summary of your proposal.  If we agree it is viable, then you will need to discuss your intention to submit an application with your endorsers, to ensure they’re on board. Then you can apply online.


All applications must be endorsed by your head of function and Hospital Operations Director, or their equivalent. If a single piece of equipment is over £5,000, the application must also be endorsed by the Capital Finance Team.


Payments from grant awards are made twice per month.  Click here for the list of payment dates.

Get in touch

Our Grants team is on hand to give you guidance on your application.  Got an idea for a project? Contact us today.