How to pay funds into a Special Purpose Fund

We encourage people to give to the general fund for each hospital site, rather than to a specific ward or department. This means that access to funding is fair and equitable for all staff, as well as being flexible and able to respond to changing needs at your hospital.

By giving to the hospital fund, lots of small donations will add up more quickly to have a bigger impact. 

Please see below for the ways in which you can pay donations from patients/families, or staff fundraising proceeds into a Special Purpose Fund (SPF). 

  • Cheques should be made payable to “Barts Charity” followed by the SPF name and number. All cheques should be posted to our office with a paying-in form.  Staff at Newham and Whipps Cross can take cheques to their cashiers office – no form is needed.
  • Cash should be brought to our office at 12 Cock Lane. If this is inconvenient we can come to you to collect it. Staff at Newham and Whipps Cross can take cash to their cashiers office.
  • Credit card donations - please call the Fundraising Team on 020 7618 1720 or email
  • Online payments can be made through our donate page. Just add the name and number of the SPF into the free text box when you are prompted.
As you may be aware, the Charity only accepts voluntary income i.e. a freely given donations.

A donation is not freely given if:

  • It is a payment for service provision, for example, Trust staff providing services in their capacity as Trust employees (this includes the provision of work experience, course fees, report fees, etc.)

  • It is any income for which the donor expects something in return, for example, marketing/publicity/recognition, etc.

Please can you ensure that where the donor requires a grant/sponsorship agreement to be signed or an invoice submitted, details are provided in advance to the Charity to ensure the arrangement is acceptable.


Most wards, clinics and departments should have donation postcards on reception desks. These can be given to potential donors. If your area does not have postcards, email or call 0207 618 1720.

Contact the Engagement & Fundraising team

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