How to spend from a Special Purpose Fund

Using Special Purpose Funds (SPFs) can transform your ward or service. They can provide you with equipment, facilities or even fund research which can help you deliver extraordinary healthcare. 

Before making a funding request, you should read our SPF Spending Guidelines in full. This web page is only a partial summary.

Spending up to £5,000:

Please use the online form to claim expenses or pay an invoice. Your claim can be authorised online by a fundholder, or if the spending is over £1,000, two fundholders. You’ll be reimbursed directly into your personal bank account. 

Spending over £5,000:

If your spending request is for more than £5,000, you’ll need to provide extra information. Before you spend, please contact our Grants team to discuss your spending plans.

To make a purchase through Oracle follow these pdf instructions.

We have two payment dates per month where we make approved payments. See the current list of payment dates.

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Have you got a question?

  • Does my ward/service have an SPF?
  • Am I eligible to apply?
  • Is my funding request within the scope of the SPF?
  • Who are the fundholders whose signatures I will need?

Get in touch

Our Grants team is happy to respond to your queries.

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