Trauma is the biggest disease you've never heard of.

It's the leading cause of death for people aged under 40 in the UK.

Our trauma appeal funds crucial research to help The Royal London Hospital trauma team save more lives.

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Why we need your help

Road traffic accidents. Violent crime. Suicide. Falls. Events that can happen to anyone, anytime. The physical and psychological damage can be devastating and life-changing.

NHS staff are remarkable. Behind the scenes, researchers work tirelessly to make breakthroughs that help them. Breakthroughs that help more people say "I survived a traumatic accident."

Who you’ll be helping

It's because of research that in the last five years, over 600 lives have been saved across London that would have been lost previously, without research. With more research, we can save more lives.

Staff in our Centre for Trauma Sciences are working tirelessly to deliver the best outcomes for more trauma patients, not just in London but worldwide too.

50% of their research in the last three years has been funded by us.

There's now an opportunity - a need - to fund more. See Sabrina's story:

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Changing lives together: Meet Anna

Traumatic injury can happen to anyone – Anna never expected it.

Anna was hit by a motorbike while walking to work. At the scene, she was given only a 10% chance of survival.

She suffered bleeding on the brain, skull fractures, a punctured lung, and a host of other injuries.

But she survived. And in some style – running the London Marathon two years later, fundraising for the trauma staff that saved her life.

“The reason I’m here today is them. And I mean the whole team – from the trauma coordinator who helped put my mum up in a local hotel, to the surgeons who operated on me. They’re extraordinary.”

100% of your gift supports world-leading research to help patients like Anna:

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Doctors on a trauma ward

Your support is making the difference, every day

With your support we can provide breakthroughs like:


  • New supplements to stem blood loss

Blood loss accounts for half of all trauma deaths. Our research in London with experts from around the world is making breakthroughs in new ways to stem major blood loss.

  • Protective agents for brain and spinal cord tissue

To help minimise effects from a second wave of damage, typically seen after serious injury.

  • Helping to prevent organ failure

Organ failure is a common and serious issue for patients who survive initial trauma. Research helps us discover agents that could keep hearts, livers and other organs working.


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Creation of the Barts Heart Centre has given us the opportunity to save over 11,000 lives in the next five years. Will you help make this goal a reality?

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