Truly transformational: our partnership with Aspen UK

08 Oct 2018

Aspen’s incredible support goes back almost a decade and we are currently in the middle of a 3-year partnership which will benefit the patients and families in our community.

Aspen UK are a leading insurance company based in the City. With so many of Aspen’s staff and clients living in the communities that we serve, they are passionate about making a lasting difference for patients living locally and beyond.

Aspen’s impact

Aspen will give a staggering £130,000 split across two innovative healthcare projects:

3D TOE Machines

This state-of-the-art imaging equipment allows cardiologists to see 3D, real-time images of their patients' hearts with unprecedented clarity.

These improved images allow doctors to make more informed decisions during operations and increase the accuracy of procedures and diagnostics.

Aspen have long been passionate supporters of cardiac services. By directly contributing to this piece of equipment, which will be up and running at Barts Heart Centre this Autumn, their support will have an immediate and tangible impact on cardiac patients at St Bartholomew’s.

Neuron Pod

Due for completion by the end of the year, this striking addition to the Centre of the Cell at the Blizard Institute will boost capacity to allow for 120,000 young visitors every year. Centre of the Cell is a local project with global reach; the first science education centre in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories.

The centre promotes healthy lifestyles, educates young people and inspires the next generation of scientists and health professionals. Neuron Pod will expand on the work of the centre, providing school children with an unforgettable space to experience workshops and activities.

By helping to make this unique project happen, Aspen will help change the face of science education and outreach work in our community for many years to come.

More than money

Aspen’s generosity is just one piece of the puzzle. In addition to the £130,000 towards Neuron Pod and the 3D TOE Machine, we are fortunate to be benefitting from the kindness of Aspen staff too, donating their own money, time and Christmas presents!

From taking part in our challenge events to raise money, to spending an entire day transforming spaces at the Royal London Hospital in time for a children’s Christmas party, Aspen staff have been both digging deep and rolling up their sleeves.

We were proud to collaborate with Aspen recently by helping one of their other charity partners, Place2Be, organise a local school visit to Centre of the Cell. Thanks to Aspen, 25 school children were treated to a Pod Session and a ‘Snot, Sick and Scabs’ workshop, providing them with an unforgettable day tailored to their curriculum.

Collaborating with Aspen in this way is a key element to our partnership. Last year, Aspen hosted a ‘Lunch and Learn’ event at their offices where two leading consultants from Barts Heart Centre delivered a presentation about maintaining healthy hearts and answered questions from Aspen staff about everything from diet and lifestyle to the future of cardiac medicine.

We are currently in our ‘Spotlight Year’ with Aspen, benefitting from additional support and advocacy from Aspen staff.

We're extremely grateful for Aspen’s support and look forward to inviting the team to see the impact of their incredible generosity first-hand when the Neuron Pod and 3D TOE machines are up and running.

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