Bank of Montreal: Supporting the youngest patients at The Royal London

25 Sep 2018

Financial services provider Bank of Montreal (BMO) have kindly supported us for several years, making huge improvements possible for young patients at The Royal London Hospital

The Bank of Montreal’s extensive commitment to and investment in the Children’s Hospital at the Royal London Hospital has allowed us to make some significant enhancements to the services and environment for paediatric patients - from transforming the design of three wards to equipping the Play Team with funds that allow them to enhance the experience of every child in hospital.

BMO’s fundraising reaches a highpoint each Christmas, when they donate hundreds of presents for young patients at our hospitals, from babies, to children, right up to adolescents. BMO staff also give up their time, visiting the hospital to wrap the thousands of presents received from our supporters all over London.

What’s more, BMO staff dig deep themselves and donate money towards our Christmas Appeal, #GreatestGift. Each year, hundreds of staff take part in a 48-hour fundraising challenge spearheaded by their Managing Director, Bill Smith (pictured above, centre). Last year they raised over £50,000 for the Play Team.

With uncomfortable medical procedures, noisy wards and feeling unwell, a stay in hospital can be an anxious time for an adult, but for a child it can be simply terrifying. With the busiest Children’s Accident and Emergency in London with more than 60,000 children treated there every year, the Royal London can be an especially daunting place.

Donations received at Christmas time are used all year round for resources, equipment, toys and parties. It is a perfect example of how our supporters allow us to fund the things that are above and beyond NHS funding.

Whether it’s helping premature babies reach developmental milestones, to supporting teenagers in coming to terms with an illness; the work of the Play Team is vital. For the last few years, the team’s work has had a huge boost thanks to Bank of Montreal’s fantastic support.

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