"Barts Hospital meant Steve could attend the birth of our son" – Why Hannah is running the British 10k

11 Jul 2018

This Sunday we have seven dedicated runners hitting the streets for the British 10k. One of our runners tells us how her husband’s treatment at St Bartholomew’s Hospital meant he could be there for the birth of his first child.

Hannah’s husband, Steve, was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago. Hannah (pictured centre, with friends Kathleen and Claire) has been fundraising for the Bodley Scott Oncology department, where Steve was treated. She is running to thank the staff for their amazing care and fund the phenomenal life-saving treatment that the hospital provides.

Hannah says, “This department at St Barts have been helping Steve for over 2 years now and even made it possible for Steve to attend the birth of our son in 2016 during a course of treatment.”

At the time of Steve’s diagnosis, Hannah was heavily pregnant with their first child – just eight weeks before the due date. Being able to attend the birth of their child meant so much to both of them, particularly because his treatment had already meant he’d missed the final scan, antenatal classes and midwife appointments.

“As Steve was in the middle of phase two treatment when our little boy was born, it was so important for him to be able to start a father-son bond as soon as possible,” recalls Hannah.

It is not just the treatment that Hannah is thankful for. One of the things that stood out to her most during Steve’s experience was the friendliness of the staff. “Even now, 2 years after Steve being diagnosed, we bump into ward nurses who recognise Steve and ask about the family.”

Hannah has been training hard to prepare for Sunday’s event. She claims she is “not a natural runner” and so has been working hard, taking part in weekly park runs to build up her strength. She is joined by her friends Claire and Kathleen. Kathleen's mother has also been treated at the Bodley Scott Oncology department, being first diagnosed 16 years ago. Kathleen says that she has been amazed by the way that St Bartholomew's life-saving treatment has advanced over the course of her mother's care. 

“The drugs and treatment changed so much from when my mum was first treated and you can clearly see how much treatments have advanced and how much kinder they are with the side effects,” says Kathleen, “I thank my lucky stars everyday to have my Mum with me today and I'm so pleased that this run will enable me to give something back to the amazing people at Barts Hospital.”

Between the three of them, they have raised nearly £2000, an incredible achievement showcasing their commitment to supporting St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Thank you so much Hannah, Kathleen and Claire for your invaluable support. Good luck on Sunday!

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