9-year-old Carwyn gives back to the team who cared for his mum

03 Sep 2018

Last year, Carwyn was due to celebrate his first Holy Communion, but the special event was postponed when his Mum was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer.

When Carwyn later had a chance to have his Communion party, the generous 9-year-old asked guests to donate to the hospital staff instead of bringing him gifts, raising an amazing £1,150.

Carwyn’s Mum Binimol knew when she was diagnosed with breast cancer that she would miss her son’s Holy Communion. The family decided to delay it for a year so that Binimol would have finished treatment and could be beside her nine-year-old son.

The team at the breast assessment centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital - where both of Carwyn’s parents work - gave Binimol excellent care over the following year. Carwyn says: “They looked after her very well and by the grace of God she recovered very well.

“We do appreciate the care and support they have given to her and our family during the difficult times.”

After Binimol was well enough to return to work, it was time for Carwyn’s long awaited Communion on Easter Monday. But instead of enjoying the gifts that his family and friends planned to bring him, Carwyn decided to use it as a chance to do something special.

He made his own charity box and asked everyone who came to donate to the staff who had looked after his Mum. Carwyn tells us, “Everyone gave generously. I thought, this will inspire my friends also.”

The generous schoolboy raised an incredible £1,150 for the Breast Assessment Centre.

Thank you so much to Carwyn and his family for their wonderful contribution. We are pleased to say that his Mum Binimol is recovering well and is back to delivering amazing care at St Bartholomew’s Hospital herself.

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