Transforming children's bowel treatment using novel ultrasound equipment

06 Feb 2018

The Children’s Anorectal Physiology Service (CAPS) at the Royal Hospital London are now able to make speedier, more accurate diagnoses for children with bowel symptoms using specialist ultrasound machine due to £15,000 funding from us.

The dedicated CAPS team

The staff at CAPS are transforming the way that children are treated for a range of bowel-related issues, and in turn transforming lives.  The Royal London Hospital are the first UK hospital to have a routine paediatric service, where children don't need to undergo a general anaesthetic to be diagnosed. Doing diagnostic tests awake (such as endoanal ultrasound and endoanal physiology), allows for better information gathering and condition management.

The team is made up of a range of clinicians and surgeons (including Dr Eleni Athanasakos and Mr Stewart Cleeve, pictured) and even includes a specialist psychologist and health and play specialist, to offer a holistic approach to treatment.

Speaking about the new piece of imaging machinery that was funded by us, Stewart Cleeve, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon who forms part of the dynamic team at CAPS said, "It's transformed what we're able to offer."

Diagnostic machinery for use in children

Many of the patients that are seen have tried numerous alternative solutions before they are referred to the centre. In 2017 CAPS purchased the endoanal ultrasound machine which can be used paediatric patients and has a smaller probe than traditional imaging machines that are commonly used.

This is a much needed development, as according to Eleni, paediatric departments for bowel condition treatments are around 20 years behind those for adults. The endoanal ultrasound machine is used to image muscles and identify the structural abnormalities that cause bowel conditions such as constipation and soiling. These conditions can have a significant and detrimental impact on the children affected and is often disruptive to their school attendance and general quality of life.

Fantastic fundraising 

Eleni is committed to improving the experiences and lives of those affected by bowel conditions, having had family affected by a bowel condition.

As well as helping paediatric patients each day in the hospital, Eleni has also been busy fundraising in some fun and imaginative ways!

Embracing a vegan way of life, Eleni stuck to a vegan diet during December last year and raised over £600 through generous donations.
She also organised a poo-themed pub quiz to raise awareness of the conditions that CAPS are treating, which raised just under £1,000.          All the money raised will go towards supporting the much-needed services that CAPS provide. 

You can continue to donate to Eleni's fundraising activity here.

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