Fundraising in memory of Fred

20 Nov 2018

Millie, family and friends recently donated a huge £6,000 to St Bartholomew’s Hospital where her late fiancée Fred was treated.

Here, Millie talks about why she is so grateful to the staff for their care of Fred.

“My Fiancé Fred sadly passed away in May after battling with germ cell cancer. We live in Norfolk and within 2 days of diagnosis Fred and myself were transferred from our local hospital to ward 5A at St Bartholomew’s.

A diagnosis of cancer is scary enough but to be shipped across the country is something else. I myself work in a hospital and understand what an alien environment it can be for people. Fred had never spent a day in hospital let alone a night, so it was frightening.

Amazing care from staff

All the staff on 5A were amazing. They went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure Fred was as happy as he could be and comfortable throughout his gruelling treatment. The staff were very informative and kept us in the loop the whole time to an understandable level for us both. It is clear to see how passionate they are about their job.

Menchi, Nicole, Hameed, Lucy and all the other nurses, HCAs, meal staff and cleaners provided another level of care. Everyone found time to talk to Fred and spend time with him in their busy schedules which I will be forever grateful for as he didn’t enjoy being on his own in hospital even though I was there nearly every day.

The staff on 5A meant so much to Fred, and I know he would want to say thank you a thousand times over. They provided him with a shoulder to cry on, a face to laugh with, a person to chat to and so much more.

Sadly, Fred’s health took a turn for the worst after his stem cell transplant and he was moved onto ITU (ward 7A) in April, where he spent the last eleven days of his life. Fred was conscious for six days which for anyone is a scary thing to witness with all of the machines and wires. The staff ensured he was comfortable right until the very end.

What I appreciate most is allowing us to spend as much time with Fred as possible. Spending those precious hours with Fred will always remain close to my heart.

Saying thank you by fundraising

Following Fred’s passing myself and family decided to raise some money to say a massive thank you and show our appreciation, and we donated £6,025 to the wards.

We want the money to help staff continue with all the amazing things they provide for patients, like cake and ice cream Thursdays! Being confined to a room is difficult, especially for a man that never stays inside! Fred was an outside boy through and through, so he found being stuck in four small walls very difficult. We passed the time listening to music, watching TV and doing puzzles and games.

We hope that the money can be used to make everyone’s life that little bit more bearable whilst having to travel on the world’s worst roller-coaster of emotions.

I want to say thank you to the staff a million times over. I want everyone to know how amazing St Bartholomew’s is. Every member of staff that Fred and I met along the way should be told how amazing they are, as from my own experience I know that healthcare workers don’t always get acknowledged for their extremely hard work.”

The charity used the family’s donation to buy 22 new DAB radios for ward 5A so that all patients and their visitors have some entertainment. The photo above shows staff Menchi, Fay and Patrick with one of the new radios.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Millie and her family for their very generous donation.

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