Handprint kits for bereaved relatives

28 Apr 2020

Across Barts Health Trust, 450 handprint kits have been funded for relatives whose loved one has recently passed away. 

These kits allow families to keep a memento of their loved one and help them through the most difficult of times.

For bereaved families, a handprint from the patient acts as a unique reminder of their loved one.  They are used by an End of Life Care Champion who uses a special ink and paper to take the print. Often, they are used alongside hair locks as an additional keepsake for loved ones. 

The hand print kits have been funded at a particularly important time, as due to the COVID-19 lockdown, loved ones are often not able to see their relatives before they pass away. The kits offer a unique way to remember them and they are also designed to encourage families to think about other ways to treasure their loved ones. 

Melanie White, Specialist Palliative and End of Life Care Lead Nurse who leads on this initiative says: “with thanks to the Barts Charity we are able to offer handprints as a personal and meaningful memento. We recognise the importance of memories for our bereaved families, we are really pleased to be able to offer this unique keepsake. The Palliative and End of Life Care Teams are available to support with this special initiative ”

The handprint kits are available to wards across the Trust. The End of Life Care Champions will help train other staff members so that as many families as possible can have access to them. 

Initiatives like this are only possible with your help. Donate to our emergency COVID-19 appeal to fund projects that support patients and staff during this difficult time.

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