Healthcare Horizons students learn life-saving skills

12 Sep 2019

Healthcare Horizons, a two year skills and education programme we're funding, is underway with a summer school of workshops that give young people in east London hands-on experience of careers in healthcare.

A recent workshop - Zero Responder - gave students the opportunity to learn life-saving first aid in the event of violent injury.

The Zero Responder day workshop included talks from medical trauma experts as well as interactive simulation workstations. It is one of the ways that students are being inspired and educated about careers in the NHS. The workshop demonstrated that in London trauma units, dealing with violent injuries is a necessary responsibility.

Hands-on experience

Nodi from east London is 18 and wants to be a doctor. She is an A* student but didn’t know the path to get to medical school before now, and so didn’t apply. She is taking part in the Healthcare Horizons programme and will now be applying to medical school next year: “It has really helped because when you start looking at careers in medicine, you only know what you see in the media so you don’t hear about what else is available. This shows you the other aspects of the jobs like how it would affect your personal and social life. 

It shows you that being a doctor isn’t just one straight path, you can travel or do a masters if you want to. You also get real life experience like what’s it’s like to actually work with blood. There should be more programmes like this to help more people.“

The Zero Responder workshop included interactive sessions with Lead Trauma Surgeon,  Martin Griffiths, and and Lead Violence Reduction Nurse, Michael Carver. Both are based at The Royal London Hospital, treating and working with victims of violent trauma.

Michael Carver has said he wants to give first aid skills to all pupils: “The primary outcome is they will be able to do first-responder things to stop people bleeding to death in the first five minutes; and the secondary outcome is we start talking properly about knife crime.” 

A pathway into a career in healthcare

Over the next two years, Healthcare Horizons will support over 1,000 students across 20 schools in east London. As well as hands-on work experience it also offers a mentorship scheme that matches students with healthcare professionals from a wide range of career options across the five Barts Health hospitals.

We were delighted that the Evening Standard attended the workshop - you can read their article here.

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