Pounding the pavement at the London Marathon

29 Apr 2019

After months of training, fundraising and more training, our team of 15 runners crossed the finish line of one of the biggest races of the year - the London Marathon.

We are so proud of everyone who ran. We want to say a huge thank you and well done for your inspirational efforts! Together, you raised over £30,000!

This year, fifteen amazing people decided to brave the London Marathon for us. Some, like Luke, were facing the race as their first marathon. Others were adding to an impressive list of fundraising challenges, like Rosel, who last year ran a 6 day endurance race to raise money for her service in The Royal London's trauma department.

In the London Marathon's time honoured tradition, some of the crowd attempted the course in a variety of unusual costumes - from the Eiffel Tower to the Wombles (seen here with our fantastic runner Catriona).

Royal London Hospital nurse Jessica decided to join in and ran for her hospital while wearing her nurse uniform. She set the official world record for fastest marathon in a nurse outfit with a staggering time of 3:08:22!

This year marks a landmark moment for the London Marathon, as it sets a world record for fundraising. Since its start in 1981, the London Marathon has raised over £1 billion for charity. We are very proud of all of our marathoners for contributing to this astounding milestone.

Our team has been hard at work fundraising as well as training. Catriona has been promoting her run with hospital bake-sales and training vlogs, while David spent a day working as a junior stylist in his local hairdressers! Including Gift Aid, our runners have so far raised over £30,000 between them.

Thank you to all our incredible marathoners: Alex, Steve, David, Catriona, Luke, Laura, Orla, Kevin, Anthony, Romy, Lisa, Jessica, Rosel, Jack and David.

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Both Luke's mum and dad were diagnosed with cancer and treated in the Barts Health hospitals. That's why Luke is joining our team of runners for the London Marathon this Sunday.

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"My father, Alf, thought the Margaret Centre was wonderful. The amazing care there completely rejuvenated him. The staff went the extra mile for him, so I hope to go the extra 26 miles for them."