Marathon Countdown: Emily's Story

03 Apr 2018

Emily’s uncle was brought into Barts Heart Centre for a straightforward heart operation, but complications meant that his heart began to fail, and the family were told to expect the worst.

A year and a half on, he’s finally back on track and Emily is running the London Marathon to say thank you to St Bartholomew’s Hospital. 


Talking about her Uncle’s treatment, Emily says: “It was a prolonged stay in hospital and was a long road to recovery, but it’s much better than the outcome it could have been!

“I work in Newham so I also meet a lot of people from the area who have been treated at Newham University Hospital which Barts Charity also supports.

“I’m most excited for the crowds on marathon day – last year I was overwhelmed with the crowds and how supportive they were – from high fives from strangers, to people giving out jelly beans, sweets, flapjack and even being offered a slice of Dominos and a beer too! Also just the sense of completing it and being able to feel so proud of yourself! When I’m training, I often find myself doubting myself and sometimes lack the motivation due to this, but then on the day, the crowds just spur you on!

“The biggest challenges will definitely be trusting the training and believing that you can actually do it! Last time I did the marathon, I hit a slight wall at about mile 22 but luckily the crowds pushed me through!”

Check out Emily's training vlog here: 

Thank you Emily for supporting Barts Heart Centre. We'll be cheering you on on the 22nd April! 

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