Parents Against Knife Crime fundraise after teen’s trauma treatment

06 Dec 2018

After their 18-year-old son was stabbed by a stranger, the Brown family rallied their contacts to thank staff at The Royal London Hospital for their life-saving care.

By holding a black-tie fundraising event, their Parents Against Knife Crime committee has raised over £20,000.

Mrs Brown says: “In March, our son was travelling back to the leafy suburbs of Woodford Green around 5pm, after college and football training.

“A group of youths randomly walked across the road and stabbed my son in his abdomen. This act left him critically ill and on life support for 7 weeks. The attack was perpetrated by a random and unknown teenager, a stranger to our son.

“The first few days, my entire family were absolutely devastated for our son’s life. We were extremely anxious, fearful that his life was in the balance according to the Trauma Surgeon Mr Martin Griffiths. We just kept repeatedly asking why someone would want to cause this carnage to our son, this was so inconceivable to us.”

The family created the Parents Against Knife Crime committee to raise awareness of growing youth violence and fundraise for the leading trauma centre at The Royal London Hospital where their son was treated.

“Knife crime continues to plague our society and it's having a major detrimental impact on innocent law-abiding citizens who are going about their normal daily lives,” says Mrs Brown. “Clearly, change needs to take place. There must be a change in the judicial system, policy, education and social care. There must be a strategic shift in how this is being dealt with. This is not a race issue; it is a social issue, one which permeates throughout all cultures, religions and class.   

“We vowed that once our son got through this initial critical stage of his operation, we would repay our indebtedness to all the staff that played a vital role in saving our son’s life. My family and friends decided to host a black-tie charity fundraising event, to raise funds for equipment and research specifically for the trauma unit.”

The fundraising event was a resounding success. There were speeches from surgeon Mr Martin Griffiths and eminent retired Metropolitan Police superintendent Leroy Logan MBE. An auction and raffle included signed Premier League football shirts, a boxing glove from Anthony Joshua and a diamond ring. Thanks to the generosity of the guests and the efforts of the Brown family, over £20,000 was raised on the night.

All funds raised will support The Royal London Hospital’s Major Trauma Centre and will be used for research into trauma as well as equipment, treatment and patient experience.

Thank you so much to the Brown family and Parents Against Knife Crime for raising this fantastic amount which will help save the lives of future trauma patients.   

Experts in Trauma

The team at The Royal London Hospital are at the forefront of trauma research and care. Mr Martin Griffiths and his colleagues recently appeared in the press after their research revealed new insights into youth knife crime. 

As one of Europe’s busiest trauma centres, The Royal London Hospital sees around 3,000 patients every year. Around 25% of these patients are injured through violent crime.

Our Trauma Appeal aims to raise £1 million for trauma research and care at The Royal London Hospital, helping staff to save more lives and give survivors a better quality of life.

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