Uplifting new day rooms for older patients at The Royal London

09 Feb 2018

Day rooms on the Older People’s Wards at The Royal London have been transformed into uplifting sensory spaces to make patients’ time in hospital more pleasant.

With a small project grant from us, the Dementia and Delirium team, with considerable help from Michael Harper (General Manager for Acute Medicine and Older Peoples Services), have transformed four day rooms to benefit not just patients living with dementia, but all patients and families visiting the ward.

The day rooms were underused because staff, patients and families felt that they were drab, uninviting and didn’t encourage social activity. Day rooms are important because they encourage patients to leave their beds, move around, socialise and generally aid their recovery. 

The new rooms have been transformed into two different themes; two ‘tea rooms’ are styled like café’s and named after the ward managers, using calming colours to create a welcoming environment which encourages social interaction and reminiscence for patients.

The two ‘garden rooms’ bring the outside in, combining wall murals, artificial grass and garden furniture to create a relaxing feeling of being outdoors. Birdsong and a scent diffuser add to the sensory environment.

The rooms are now open for patients to enjoy, and the staff are working on a group activity timetable to encourage more socialising. Improved environments like these have been shown to improve patients’ and staff’s emotional and psychological well-being, speeding up recoveries and even leading to less falls.

Lynda McNab, Dementia Lead Nurse at Barts Trust (pictured right, with Ward Manager Susan Brosnan) says: “They look amazing, the team have created beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy. To say I am beyond proud of the hard work, commitment and vision of the Dementia and Delirium Team is an understatement.”

The Dementia and Delirium team are frequent fundraisers for the charity, with Lynda signed up for another Hackney Half marathon this year to raise extra funds for the service.

Congratulations and thank you to the team for working hard to create these beautiful and thoughtful spaces for patients, and for your ongoing fundraising efforts! 

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