Pilates in pyjamas

01 May 2020

When Pilates instructor Catheryn moved her classes online for the lockdown, she realised she could turn her job into a fundraising opportunity. Her lessons have a unique spin – celebrating lockdown laziness by offering ‘Pilates in pyjamas’ classes.

Catheryn has been a Pilates instructor for 15 years. When the Government first issued social distancing guidelines on the 16th March, she and her husband Mark, who also teaches Pilates, scrambled to make sure they were fully online by the following morning. They decided to film their classes, so people can follow along with their normal exercises from home.

“At some point in the process of re-organizing everything, I joked that before we knew it, with all this exercising and working from home, we would probably all be showing up in our pyjamas! So we had the idea to do exactly that, and thought it would be a fun way to raise money to support the NHS.”

Twins treated at two hospitals

During this time of crisis for the NHS, Catheryn wanted to play a part in supporting Barts Health NHS Trust’s pandemic efforts. Her heart lies with The Royal London and Whipps Cross Hospitals in particular, where her daughter had twins.

“We are especially grateful for the outstanding care our twin grandsons and our daughter received at The Royal London. One of the twins required medical attention after birth, and the care was so well-coordinated and prepared. The team were just excellent, I could not have praised them highly enough.

“They also received wonderful care and attention when they were later transferred to Whipps Cross. They are now 3 years old, and are such healthy, happy little boys. We have been so grateful and pleased to raise money for Barts where we can.”

Making Pilates more accessible

“Pilates is such a great package when it comes to exercise and well-being. Most people know Pilates helps strengthen core muscles, right from the first class, but it also supports every aspect of fitness and makes your body stronger for any other sport or exercise you do, especially as you continue progressing. It even helps strengthen the body for everyday activities like gardening or housework. The improved breathing and alignment are brilliant for reducing stress, so Pilates really is a brilliant all-rounder.”

The idea of filming the videos in their PJs wasn’t just a bit of fun. Catheryn hopes that it might make the class seem more achievable and approachable.

“We thought it helps people to know that you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to have the perfect clothes and the gear, and if during lock-down - or at any other time - you are able to just manage to fit in a few exercises while still drinking your morning tea or coffee, that's amazing!”

So far, Catheryn and Mark have raised over £400 for their fundraising. Thank you for turning your work into a fun fundraising opportunity and supporting our NHS in their time of need!

If you have been inspired to fundraise for our NHS, please contact us or set up a fundraising page here

Our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal is helping us provide urgent funds for staff who are working tirelessly across Barts Health NHS Trust. Donations are being used in many ways across our hospitals - from 3D-printed visors to protect front line staff, to iPads for isolated patients to speak with their loved ones.

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