Rosel's Costa Rican multi-marathon

08 Mar 2018

Last month Rosel, Consultant Anaesthetist at The Royal London Hospital, ran a marathon a day in a 6-day feat of epic endurance to raise funds for our Transform Trauma appeal.


Running to Transform Trauma

Describing why she decided to take on the physical feat, Rosel said: 'I have the privilege of having the health to do this, others don't. This was my way of giving back and I have the good fortune of having the freedom to give back.'

Rosel has raised over £1,900 for the Transform Trauma appeal, completely smashing her target of £725, and has been amazed at the generosity and support from colleagues, friends, family and even people she has never met!

Being directly involved in the vital and life-saving work that takes place on the trauma ward, she has seen first-hand that trauma patients are often faced with overcoming the challenges and breaking down the barriers to redefine 'impossible', when it comes to their recovery. Rosel likens this mindset to that which it takes to tackle an endurance event and the pre-training – a step-by-step approach.

Rosel was also involved in caring for Ella Dove – a Transform Trauma ambassador who lost a leg due to complications from a fall when out running, and understands the need to fund the research behind advancing trauma treatment. She follows that: ‘What is done in the first few hours is important but what happens after that is even more crucial for a trauma patient's quality of life.’  

The Challenge

After completing 6 individual marathons in the UK throughout 2017, Rosel decided to turn up the heat and embark on the Costa Rica Coastal Challenge set along Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline that includes rainforest terrain and running in temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius.

She has described the incredible accomplishment as, "a gift of a week to spend time in nature and to be physically able to do it."

A once in a lifetime opportunity, of the 95 runners that were there at the start line, 65 finished on the 6th day. 

Costa Rica is home to 4% of the world's biodiversity and the marathon paths sits within the World Heritage Site - Corcovado National Park. The tracks included mixed terrain across rainforest, water and rock.

Rosel and her fellow runners sustained themselves along each marathon by eating peanut butter, nuts and energy bars. All runners had to carry a water supply that would hydrate them in between the 2-3 aid stations where they could restock and snack on pineapple and watermelon.

And despite the intense physical demands of the challenge, Rosel described the atmosphere as friendly, supportive and not too competitive.

Highs and lows

On the 5th day Rosel sprained her ankle but that didn't stop her from powering through to the finish line, coming in at an impressive 10th place!

An intensive training schedule in the lead up to the marathons was important, and in addition to completing numerous marathons last year, some of Rosel’s most vital training took place over weekends, beginning on a Friday evening and ending with a 20-mile run on the Sunday to get her body used to running back-to-back long distances.

Rosel also used hot yoga as a training exercise to get used to working out in the hot and humid climate that she would face in Costa Rica.

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Photos by Hilary Ann Matheson & Rosel Tallach.







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