Help support world-leading care at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

03 Feb 2020

St Bartholomew’s Hospital is Britain’s oldest hospital, and has been supported by Barts Charity for the last 900 years.

We’re now launching a major fundraising campaign to boost donations for Barts Health NHS Trust and make sure that St Bartholomew’s Hospital remains at the cutting edge of care and research worldwide for years to come.

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St Bartholomew’s Hospital offers specialist services for cancer and heart problems and staff give incredible care to patients and their families during very difficult times. Donations help us fund projects which allow staff across the hospital to go above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

Keeping hearts healthy

Five years ago, we gave £10m to Barts Heart Centre for research into heart conditions and two MRI scanners. Barts Heart Centre is now Europe’s largest cardiovascular centre, seeing 40,000 patients with heart troubles each year and treating around 15 ‘on street’ heart attacks a day. Donations have also helped us to fund...

An app which brings doctors together for rapid decision making

The SHOCK app - the first of its kind in the UK – is helping staff to diagnose and treat cardiogenic shock, a condition which can lead to death within hours if the patient’s heart failure is not reversed. Read more >

Heart pumps giving hope for patients with heart failure

An innovative UK-first heart pump procedure is being used to treat patients with heart failure who have no other treatment options. Colin, the first UK patient to have this procedure, fundraised for us to thank staff for “rescuing him from death’s door”. Read more > 

Patient story: Beth

31-year-old Beth was rushed to Barts suffering from a pulmonary embolism and describes her care as “beyond phenomenal”. She is planning a fundraising run and has named her new dog Bart to recognise the treatment and compassion she received. Read more > 


The best care for patients with cancer

Barts Cancer Centre is a centre of excellence with an international reputation for treating patients with both common and rare cancers. Patients benefit from the very latest treatments and technology, as well as the opportunity to take part in clinical trials which could see new treatments being rolled out across the NHS. Donations support both research and care projects, including...

State of the art radiotherapy

Thanks to a large donation, we funded the ‘Saturn’ radiotherapy machine which delivers highly precise X-ray targeting to tumours, avoiding the healthy tissue around them. This cutting edge machine gives patients shorter courses of treatment and fewer side effects. See more > 

Small touches making a big difference

Donations have funded lots of smaller items which improve the experience for patients and their families, including comfortable chemotherapy chairs, radios and DVD players and a snack menu to keep patients nourished. See more > 

Patient story: Alyson

Alyson was treated for breast cancer at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and three years later, her husband developed endocarditis and was rushed to the same hospital. In celebration of her 50th birthday and the world class care her family received, Alyson is running the 2020 London Marathon for us. Read more >


The new campaign

As part of our new fundraising drive across the five hospitals of Barts Health NHS Trust, we’ll be installing huge wall vinyls in the hospital featuring some of the hard-working staff, and contactless donation points using the latest technology. We’ll be joined by a special guest as we launch the campaign on Wednesday 12th February, at 12pm, on the ground floor of St Bartholomew's Hospital's KGV building. 

More news

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