Toby’s musical challenge to support the NHS

27 Apr 2020

Whilst watching the breakfast news with his mum, 11-year-old Toby was so moved by an interview with an NHS doctor that he felt compelled to support all the staff on the frontline of the NHS during these unprecedented circumstances. 

Restricted to staying inside his own home, Toby had the brilliant idea to play as many chromatic scales on his piano as possible within 5 minutes in order to raise money for our emergency COVID-19 appeal.

Since deciding on his challenge, Toby has not stopped practicing his scales, and he managed to complete 20 scales within the 5 minute limit.  With his fingers feeling the strain of extra practice, Toby came up with the ingenious plan to alternate his hands so that they don’t get tired when the big day arrives.

Toby’s got the full support of his family; mum Alison said “it was really important to us that Toby was able to feel that he could do something productive during these times and not just be a witness to what is going on around him”.

Toby’s challenge took place on 24th April and he has already raised over £600! This is in part thanks to Toby’s incredibly supportive school, who shared his challenge on social media and wrote a letter to other parents encouraging them to support Toby.

His mum Alison shared a video of the challenge on social media for friends and family, which you can see below.

Thank you Toby!

If you have been inspired to fundraise for our NHS, please contact us or set up a fundraising page here.

Our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal is helping us provide urgent funds for staff who are working tirelessly across Barts Health NHS Trust. Donations are being used in many ways across our hospitals - from 3D-printed visors to protect front line staff, to iPads for isolated patients to speak with their loved ones.

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