Two brothers, three marathons

11 Apr 2019

"I’m Steve, he’s Alex, and we’re twins. Which should already give you reason to donate. I am fed up of Alex's hand me downs."

This April, Alex and Steve are taking on not one, not two, but THREE marathons, culminating in one of the biggest running events of the year - the London Marathon. Here they explain why they decided to run a total of 78.6 miles for Barts Charity.

"Are we deranged? Quite possibly. Are we stupid? Unconfirmed, highly likely. Are we willing to do something deranged and stupid for charity? Absolutely, most definitely, yes!

How does one (or two, in our case) train for 3 marathons in 1 month? It’s a very good question. Unfortunately, we’re still in the process of figuring this out! We’ve focused on doing long runs weekend after weekend (after weekend, after weekend, after…) so that our legs become accustomed to running long distances regularly, but also, when they’re tired and would rather be resting on the couch at home, preferably with a cup of tea balancing on top of them. Regardless, we’re incredibly excited to start the marathons (Manchester on the 7th, the Great Welsh on the 14th, and London on the 28th) and even if one of our legs go weak, we’ve got each other’s legs to rely on to pull us through to the finishing straight for Barts!

We’re both proud Londoners and are of the belief that London Marathon day is, and always will be, the best day of the year (including Christmas)! It’s the perfect blend of smiles, determination, charisma, the underdog, party, community, and incredibly happy fun!

We both ran the London Marathon in 2017 and it has been firmly imprinted on our memories as a highlight. For anyone reading this who hasn’t seen the London Marathon before – please GO! You won’t be disappointed.

I’m (Steve) currently a PhD student at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and I am constantly amazed at the incredible support we receive from Barts Charity to enable fantastic research ideas to become a reality. It’s really quite unique to have a dedicated charity for our wonderful medical school and NHS trust and their funding really does go a long way to making East London’s healthcare the best in the world!

Your donation has made an incredible difference – our work would not be possible without your vital support. But also, please think of your support as a metaphorical shot of glucose which will power us around the streets of London on the 28th of April, proudly wearing our beautiful Barts Charity vests. Hope to see you on the run!

Your money, even if it's just the price of your morning coffee, will help save lives. You don’t really need that extra caffeine anyway.

Much love,

Alex & Steve"


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