Jog On: how William is fundraising from quarantine

15 Apr 2020

Being in quarantine doesn’t have to stop you from fundraising, as keen runner William shows.

With his parents having worked for the NHS, he feels for the thousands of staff who are working tirelessly to save lives throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and aims to raise funds through a series of personal half-marathons.

“I only got into running a few years ago, but since then I have done six or seven organised runs. My plan had been to do one official half-marathon every month this year, although COVID-19 has now changed that.”

Many races have now been cancelled or delayed in order to protect their participants – but this hasn’t stopped Will from finding a way to fundraise. He’s set his own running goal: four half-marathons in four weeks.

“I have a route that goes along the canals, as well as around the outside of Victoria Park. Although my housemates are slowly convincing me to try one in our fairly small garden, to give a real sense of life under lockdown!”

As a Maths PhD student, William felt that he held a non-vital role at the moment, so he wanted to find some way to do his bit to help.

“These are of course troubling times for everyone due to COVID-19, and in particular for key and support workers, especially those in medicine.”

He has a personal attachment to the NHS, as both of his parents (pictured right) have worked in healthcare - his mother is a retired GP and his father is a bowel surgeon.

Despite being retired, his mother is hoping to help by getting back into clinical practice.

“The pandemic is a call to arms,” says William’s mother, Eileen, “and I would want to help the NHS in any way, because it's such a great part of our fabric. Unique in the world really. It's given me so much, you do feel a great sense of loyalty, and a sense of doing something to help other people. I feel very proud of the NHS.”

William says, “Naturally I am concerned as my parents are a bit older. They are aware that it is risky and are taking full and serious precautions. I knew they would step up as that is how they are - you see this all over within medicine, in all aspects and jobs - it is full of good people who will do the right thing when it comes to it.

“They are truly inspirational to me – it is an overused sentiment for sure but that doesn’t make it any less truthful!

“My parents are being called back to work has hit home how difficult this time must be for the NHS. I decided to fundraise for Barts Charity because the NHS needs all the support it can get, and they are the dedicated charity for my local hospital.”

William's fundraising page has raised over £1,200 for our emergency COVID-19 appeal so far. Thank you William!

We have committed £250,000 to help staff at Barts Health NHS Trust deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please support our emergency appeal.

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