World-renowned trauma research

Learn how our funding for research into the effects of serious injuries upon the body is saving lives and rebuilding futures.

We’re dedicated to

Reducing deaths and disability from serious injury.

The difference we’re making

  • Saving patients with new treatments for hemorrhaging, organ failure and infection
  • Supporting survivors long-term by developing the AfterTrauma website and a new rehabilitation app
  • Leading the way for trauma services in the UK with London's Major Trauma Networks
  • Creating the Centre for Trauma Sciences, a centre of excellence in trauma research, with a £3m grant 
How can research save lives?

Traumatic injury can happen to anyone

Alison, a former neuro-physiotherapist at The Royal London Hospital, was cycling to work one morning when she was hit by a car. She was treated for spinal injuries by the trauma team at The Royal London.

“As a trauma physician turned patient, I know the care I received was the best there is, and I am alive and walking now thanks to them.”

Funding extraordinary healthcare

Because of the start provided by us, the Centre for Trauma Sciences was able to secure extra funding for research into:

  • Prevention of major bleeding, an international study funded by €9m from the European Union
  • An antimalarial drug that may prevent organ failure, a unique study funded by £760,000 from the Wellcome Trust
  • A lipid emulsion to treat brain and spinal cord injury, thanks to £400,000 of industry funding

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