Creating dementia-friendly wards

A major redevelopment to older people’s wards at Whipps Cross  Hospital with £500,000 Barts Charity funding has transformed the environment, minimising disorientation for patients living with dementia and ensuring a more comforting space.

We’re dedicated to

Improving patient comfort and the overall experience for patients and staff, and helping hospital staff turn their innovative ideas into reality.

This project was funded with the support of a generous legacy left by a local resident, after her husband was treated at the hospital.

The difference we’re making

  • Refurbishing five wards to create spaces more suited to the needs of people living with dementia - five wards were transformed with this project, with improvements including clearer signage, contrasting colours and decluttered walls, helping patients to navigate
  • Ensuring the needs of people living with dementia are integral to the design of clinical facilities and care - day rooms and social spaces have been created so patients can move away from their beds, including dedicated reminiscence areas with pictures from local museums and retro objects on display
  • Supporting a pioneering programme of work, promoting more dementia-friendly environments and care across the hospitals we support.

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What the hospital staff are saying

“Hospitals can be frightening for those living with dementia – people are out of their familiar environments. The changes centre around things that a lot of people wouldn’t consider. For example, a shiny floor can appear slippery to a patient with dementia, therefore we have ensured matt flooring was used. 

We’re improving the overall experience, not just for patients but staff too. I’m a big believer that wellbeing is a big part of a person’s recovery.”

- Lucy Cosgrove, Dementia Clinical Nurse Specialist, who led the project

Funding extraordinary healthcare

Some patients can be on the wards for up to eight weeks, so it’s especially important that they’re comfortable.

This project is an example of putting the needs of people living with dementia first, creating environments that are suitable for all – in turn, significantly improving the wellbeing of patients and staff.

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